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SSCD School Transitions to Remote Learning

Any parents considering our school for the 20-21 school year should know that we will always make our students' safety, education and happiness our top priority. One of our school parents shared her experience with SSCD's transition to remote learning.

I just wanted to take a moment to share our experience thus far with SS.C.D with you. I am a cyber schoolteacher. Prior to moving to a virtual instructional position, I taught in a brick and mortar building for 8 years. To give you a little context, I work for the largest cyber school in Pennsylvania, with approximately 650 employees. We hold primarily live instructional classes where students log in and “see and hear” their teacher in real time. We also provide a type of instruction that is considered “asynchronous” where we push out recordings for students to view and work for them to complete. With all of that being said, I think it is so important for you to know how amazing your faculty have been through this trying time. Switching to a virtual mode of instruction when you are not equipped or prepared for it is an incredibly challenging task. SS.C.D is right in line with many experienced cyber schools. But also, surpassing some veteran virtual instructors in so many ways. The group of teachers I am supervising are sprinkled across the state, so my supervisor and I have kind of had a “birds eye view” of manydifferent districts across the state and how they are handling the distance education. When I tell them exactly what my kids have been doing from day one, they are amazed. Granted, a small school is more likely to organize and prepare efficiently, as compared to a large district with more loopholes to figure out. But I am telling you…SS.C.D is right on target with instruction. Ms. Kunselman (principal) has jumped into the virtual model headfirst and been abreast of the ever-changing situation. She has kept us all well informed and is quick to respond to any communication from families. Her plan for flexible instruction days made it possible for SS.C.D. students to be theONLY students in Punxsutawney to not miss a SINGLE DAY of instruction. That, in itself, is unbelievable. SSCD has been constant, and reassuring for not only the students, but also the parents during a very uncertain time.

Now, to talk about the instructional experience. I cannot stress to you enough how phenomenal the preschool program is at SS.C.D. We have been blown away by Mrs. Presloid’s (preschool teacher) love for teaching, love of learning she instills in every one of her children, but also her dedication to constantly improving and growing as an educator. And that was all before the shift to virtual. We are currently starting our 6th week of distance learning, and my child looks forward every week to “see Mrs. Presloid in our house!” She records a live lesson in her classroom and uploads it for us to watch. She then provides additional recordings, songs, and resources for the kids to view and interact with. Afterwards, she shares a tutorial of a craft/project that she creates on camera with the students viewing the recordings from home. It is an amazing experience, as a parent to see first-hand how much these teachers impact our children. We love her videos, and her open lines of communication with families. At the start of all of this, she participated in a virtual Easter egg hunt, by practicing social distancing and hanging eggs from a tree at the end of her driveway for not only her students, but also ALL of their siblings. Each egg had a treat in it. I cried on the way home because my kids were so thrilled to get such a special treat in such a strange time.

Kindergarten has been equally wonderful! From a teacher’s perspective, it is so concerning to have a child interrupted during the crucial reading developmental phase of their education. But Ms. Vernachio (kindergarten teacher) has also jumped in full force, providing daily videos reviewing materials, calling and checking in with each family consistently and holding LIVE CLASSES on Fridays! My child LOVES seeing her classmates on zoom. But the most profoundly impressive moment I have observed is how well the kids respond to her classroom management skills. Even in a zoom meeting, I watched 15 kindergarten students stop, follow ques, and respond to her questions. You learn so much as an educator in your first few years, and Ms. Vernacchio has demonstrated a depth of knowledge and strength in classroom management that is beyond here short career as an educator.

I just thought you should know how much we VALUE this educational experience, how hard your faculty is working to provide meaningful instruction to students, and how much comfort SS.C.D. has brought my family during a time when nothing feels certain or constant. Since the onset of the school closures SSCD students were thriving and teachers were planning and preparing. You have an amazingly creative team working with these kids, and we couldn’t be more grateful for them all. Please feel free to share this information❤

Whitney B.



     Brooklyn knows it's "time" for school work while staying safe at home!


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