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Welcome parents! Thank you for choosing SSCD Elemetary School for your child(ren)! We are excited to work together to make this the BEST education experience for you and your child(ren).

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Before going into meeting information I want to give a huge THANK YOU and job well done to everyone involved in the Kentucky Derby Purse Bingo - from the food to the decoration- honestly the entire event was so great. You guys all did a tremendous job !
The work that goes into things like that deserves all the recognition. Thank you again.
Okay now onto the meeting tonight-
End of the Year field trip for the entire school- we had two options brought to the table
- Idlewild Park (may 20th- rain or shine , no rain date or refund if weather goes bad)
- Carnegie Children’s Museum (undetermined on a date since it was just suggested, but it’s an alternative idea if weather is a concern with amusement park option)
Parent Chaperones will be needed for these so those interested will need to make sure they have their clearances.
I’ll make a poll on here for everyone to vote.
If any other ideas for places to go you wanna add to the voting, comment on Facebook parent page. Ill wait til Friday to put out the poll in case more suggestions come.
Next up Mrs K suggested a simple, quick fundraising idea. Some of you may be familiar with the text donation programs- where mass informative message is sent out to large group of potential supporters (students families/friends)and they choice to send monetary donation to help the school (something as simple as $5)example:   or Launch
A message or email containing some detailed information about this and how it works will be sent out. If it’s something that we would like to try, we can possibly do it to round out the end of this year or try it at the beginning of next.
Teacher Appreciation Week is coming up!
May 6th - 10th
Let’s give these teachers all the love and support back they give our kids all year long!
Mrs. K mentioned last year that each grade had a day that week and did something for the teachers. If this is something we’d like to do again or have some ideas, let’s hear it!
One of the best things you can give a teacher for appreciation week - Teacher of the Year award!
Ballots are in The Spirit newspapers only (cannot be photocopied) and all votes need to be in by May 6th at 4pm.
The drop off box is conveniently located outside the Spirit building just a hop skip and jump from the school! Mrs K also offered to take any over that may get sent in with kids.
Everyone grab a paper and vote for one of our amazing teachers!
Also- if anyone has papers with ballots (from family/friends/ work etc) bring them in for students/families to use who may not get the paper.
Our Spring Cash Raffle is still going on!
— volunteers are needed to help with processing all the tickets/money as they come in. Check the bulletin board/keep an eye out for any day to come in and help !
-There is also one more Knights Breakfast coming up on May 5th for anyone able to come help out or wants to donate baked goods to the sale.
While on the theme of volunteers, a form will be coming home in the next few weeks regarding volunteers for the SSCD festival this summer (August 2-4) People are need for days prior to help with set up, all day/evenings of the festival itself, and for days after to help with tear down.
Any and all volunteers are welcomed and appreciated for this event.
I think that covers everything as far as the end of the year goes!
Comment anything I missed or anything anyone wants to add for input on the Facebook parent page.
I know many who wanted to couldn’t attend tonight- this time of year between spring sports, nice weather bringing in more outdoor work, and just overall burn out from balancing everything for the entire school year- we get it! Thank you for all the time you do get to come to meetings, to volunteer, to help in any ways you can. Every piece you do big or small matters ❤️ thank you everyone - it’s been a great year.
Hello @everyone!
What a great day we had to wrap up catholic schools week- the kids all did such a great job in the talent show ❤️
Thank you to all the teachers/staff and students for such a welcoming day with families at mass and the school-we truly are blessed.
As for the parent meeting today- it was a short and sweet one!
Mrs. K kicked it off with an overview of the testing results from the mid-year tests. These kids are all AWESOME (as we already know) and these test scores just add to proving it!
If you ever want more information on the school/your child’s class/your specific child’s progress, please feel free to contact Mrs. K and she will happily go over all of it with you.
As we all should have received, coming up next weekend (February 10th) is the KofC Night at the Races event- and we are asking that families spread the word, sell some tickets, and/or attend the event themselves. Just 2 tickets sold per family would make for a great turnout out for the event. (Plus some volunteer hours added to your bank- win win)
All you need to do is call the school and reserve # of tickets under attendees names and they can pay at the door.
It’s such a fun event, definitely worth the night out for a great meal and great fun with all the proceeds going right back to our kids school.
To piggyback off the theme of races we have our Kentucky Derby themed purse bingo event coming up on April 20th that Alicia is taking the lead on once again. If you attended last year or even just saw the pictures you know the absolutely AMAZING job she and the others involved did! Alicia please reach out for anything you may need or we can always do a sign up for helpers if needed. Tickets will hopefully be printed and ready for sale soon so keep an eye out!
Beyond our big events, we have some fundraisers in the mix that were discussed.
March we would like to to put out a beef stick fundraiser, looking to have a delivery/distrubition date of April 2nd (just in time for the end of no meat Fridays of lent) Shaee Lowry will be lead on this.
We also discussed doing the Queen Bee’s dip fundraiser. Brittney London will take lead on this- we had originally discussed for delivery in May as like a “summer party dip” stock up but I saw her post that they end fundraising in April so if everyone is okay with it we will probably be putting the beef sticks and the dips out at the same time.
Ranee Lynn Sikora is leading on a Little Caesar’s Pizza Kit fundraiser. We would put that out for April/May around the same time as our final Marianna hoagie orders. The pizza kits will have a quota for us to reach to be able to have them delivered- we think it would average out to 3 to 4 kits per family would need to be sold. These kids are delivered frozen and Renee has offered to run the distribution out of the drive-in so they can easily keep everything frozen after sorting for pick up. If everyone thinks that’s a reasonable amount to expect to sell Renae will move forward on that.
I know this is a lot of small fundraising going on, plus in the midst of this will also be the spring cash raffle.
If you have concerns that it’s too much, please speak up!
We aren’t looking to make millions off of these smaller fundraisers of course so don’t feel you have to be making mass quantities of sales.
As long as we feel we can at least meet minimum quantities necessary from each sale we these make nice little cushion amounts to add to our financial funds.
That being said, if you think something would do better at future time- just need to hear your thoughts ????
Hard to believe we’ve already turned the corner in the year and things are already on the down hill- before we know it the school year will be ending! Keep an eye on the bulletin board for any type of sign-up or on this page for any information and/or ideas for things coming up!
I truly hope having this page and doing these meeting write ups has been a positive resource for everyone!
I know things have run differently in the past, if anyone has suggestions on better ways to communicate or things we can do to improve meetings, I am open to suggests!
I hope I hit everything that was discussed- add to the comments if I missed anything please!!
Thank you all for being such wonderful families and being part of what make this school so great !
Happy Groundhog Day everyone!

Kate Manners update 11-3-23:

First and foremost I would just like to give a shout-out to all of the parents/staff/students for a successful and busy October!
For all the hard work put into the Brooks Farm trip, Brody’s and Marianna’s fundraisers, trunk or treat, and Halloween parade and parties- THANK YOU so much!
And what great way to kick off November than that amazing Veterans Day program! The kids did a wonderful job .. staff/parents for all the work to get the kids ready, decorating, and donating/setting up the refreshments-
I know our veterans appreciated it as well as all the families. THANK YOU ❤️
Now on to the parent meeting today- some of you probably know Mrs K was out today so she gave a us a little agenda to work from. I may have taken charge of running the meeting and I apologize if it was a little bit of a hot mess- it’s been a busy week and my brain isn’t all there today. I apologize!
Here is an overview of things we discussed:
Circle of Trees- Chelsey Smith Overly attended the informational meeting regarding this and the theme for the trees this year is Christmas Around the World and we were blessed with a Japan themed tree.
Despite the Japanese not really celebrating Christmas, we need to do some Japanese themed decorating so thinking along the lines of paper fans, lanterns cherry blossoms, origami. Etc.
Chelsea has offered to take the lead on this but all ideas and suggestions are encouraged and appreciated to help.
Our tree will need to be completed and uncovered by noon on November 24th I believe.
Chelsea has more complete details - if you wouldn’t mind maybe taking a picture of the information you got and posting it here so we all can know what needs to be done that would be great thanks!
I would say we should try to have all the decorations figured out and collected by roughly the 17th- 20th so that those who are going to decorate the tree can do so before the holiday.
Again Chelsea can set up dates that work for her and any volunteers to her can sign up on the board or contact Chelsea personally.
Shannon’s Catering meal delivery is set for November 14th- we will need volunteers starting at 2pm that day to get meals organized and ready for pick up and to help with pick time from 4-530.
Next, we touched on the topic of the parade float.
It doesn’t seem like really if anybody has taken on a full lead to do one. if there is someone out there that absolutely wants to do a float or a walking group, has an idea, and can execute it in three weeks - by all means claim it and run with it!
There is also the option of participating in the park event after the parade that Ann Doty Koppenhaver had shared to the the parents page.
Actually, after leaving the meeting today i was thinking about it and I am offering to take the lead on this and getting a set up if everyone is okay with us being apart of it.
I have a few ideas of a little projects we could have kids do at our set up as well as maybe a flyer to give out with it advertising the school and our up coming open house in February...what do we think?
I would maybe need a helper or two at most to set up and run the table with me.
Christmas Bazaar- we will be doing some starter decorating on the 13th - probably start between 8-9am then the remainder of the set up/decorating/food prep will be occuring the remainder of the week and of course the Bazaar itself will be from 9am - 3pm on Saturday, November 18th
Sign ups for time slot(s) on the bulletin board to help out whenever you can.
And if the Bazaar isn’t a possibility for you, the Knights Giving Thanks Breakfast will be the following day from 7am-12pm and volunteers are needed to help for that as well. Ann also offered to extend the need for volunteers to the kids at the parish who need services hours for confirmation. Thank you anne, send them our way for any events if they need hours ❤️
Secret Santa workshop didn’t have much to address on that I do know there have been a ton of things purchased already for this. We will still need some wrapping paper, tape and scissors donated to be used as well as volunteers to help out. Not sure if a date has been set on this- if there is one, please let me know and I’ll update this post with it.
Make a wish dress down days are listed in the newsletter first one coming up is next Thursday, November 9 donate a dollar to wear red white and blue in honor of Veterans Day.
Christmas Cash-raffle tickets should be in the process of getting sent out and the drawing will be done on the 14th of December before the Christmas program.
Candy/Candle fundraiser- I know Kara Hanley was considering taking on one or both of these? Any updates let us know, thanks!
We have a Marianna Hoagie order coming up again at the beginning of December - delivery date will be the 19th so helpers mark your calendars!
Shaee Lynn offered to head up a fundraiser in January to sell Country Meats flavored beef sticks. She will get more information and let us know closer to!
We are still trying to nail down something to replace the sportsmen’s raffle that usually took place in January/February.
Mystery Dinner, DJ Bingo are some the ideas being thrown around - if anyone has anymore ideas let’s hear them!! February 10th is the only date so far that is not open for an event (K of C Night at the Races event will be taking place that night)
I believe it is everything. If there’s anything I missed that we discussed please let me know in the comments and I’ll update the post.
Thank you to everyone that stayed today meeting! Until next time as always - keep the ideas coming and continue to be involved however you can!
Have great weekend everyone ????

Latest Meeting Notes by Katie Manners (thank you Katie!):

It’s was a quick meeting tonight outside- little hard to do a live and be able to hear everyone so I’ll do as I did last time and post a run down for you all!
Brodys delivery October 19th: Sorting help needed will start at 12:30; pick up in the auditorium 2:30-3pm
Marianna Hoagies Orders due Oct 16th/Delivery on October 24th : sorting help will also be needed prior to 2:30-3:00 pick up
Trunk or Treat - Mrs K Will not be able to attend so we are going to need someone to be responsible for signing out a key from the office in case we need the auditorium for bad weather and/or to have access to bathrooms/equipment, etc. some extra hands may be needed that evening to make sure we have the parking lot roped off right and make sure everyone parks in the right areas.
Christmas cash raffle- we need volunteers to help with stuffing envelopes/counting money. The drawing will be held on Dec. 14th at 6pm to kick off the Christmas program.
IDEAS NEEDED for fun dress down days for the kids! Anyone with suggestions please comment them below!!
Christmas Candy- I believe we decided to go with Gardners? We will send that fundraiser home at the same time we will also send a candle fundraiser home (decided to try it out and see how the candles do)
Chidren's Mass : looking for parents, grandparents, etc. who would like to volunteer to do readings at either the October 30th or November 1st Mass.
November 3rd will be the Veterans show this year. Volunteers for decorating, treat, and greeters needed
Update on Christmas Bazaar:
Please keep sharing the QR code post !
Decorating-November 13th, no school (parent teacher conference day) we will be taking advantage and doing some Bazaar decorating that day and finish up the 16th/17th as needed plus on the Bazaar day itself November 18th — mark your calendars!
From Amanda Overly: Shannon's fundraiser is November 14th. Will need volunteers to be there at 2pm for dinner pick ups 4-5:30pm. I have tickets ordered and planned to send home 10 with each family. Any tickets sent home that aren't sold could be returned with tickets sold
Volunteers will also be needed for The Giving Thanks breakfast on Sunday November 19th. (donations of baked goods and of course diners also needed!)
Home for the Holiday parade— there were some great float theme ideas thrown out that were made by Alicia who wasn’t able to attend, thank you for getting them to us.
We would like to get a list of theme ideas so we can do a poll and vote! If you have some ideas, comment below.. We’d love to have a float locked down by the end of next week I believe, if possible!
We have a trailer for sure and possibly a truck/driver so once we have the theme locked down we can get the ball rolling! November 25th will be here faster than you know it.
Mrs K submitted a request for a tree in the Circle of Trees, more information on that if we get a tree for sure.
Secret Santa Shop- buying helpers for little shoppers, wrapping helpers and donations of wrapping paper will be needed!
Looking into January/February/March..
We decided to opt out of doing the sportsmen raffle this year-
Chelsey Overly brought up a great idea for a dueling piano night. She offered to get us some more information on that and see if it’s something we could do. She also is in contact regarding a possible paint night type fundraiser, looking forward to getting more information on those ideas.
***update from Mrs K, there will be dueling pianos in February in town, so we may have to tuck it away for another time, so any new ideas for a Late January/February events let’s hear them!***
Soup Fundraiser- we would love to do this (it made $5,000 the last time!), but we will need a lot of helping hands to prep and make soup - we will be enlisting help from any and all willing!
Black Friday is coming up and it’s great time to look for deals on high ends purses for purse bingo! Please share !
We ended with meeting with a few academic focused points:
- agreed of moving forward on getting 5 flexible instruction days (snow day packets) in the works to be sent home in the upcoming months.
- if anyone is interested in feedback regarding the first quarter year of academics/standardized test results for your child/the class as a whole/the school as a whole you can contact Mrs K for that information.
- Passage program (child safety) to take place
- Outside Recess: as colder weather approaches, it’s important to make sure your child has appropriate attire for outdoor recess (hats, gloves, jackets, boots, etc) If you have any concerns or limits regarding your child being outside during the colder months please address them with Mrs K.
I know it seems like a lot but it was mostly just hammering through topics and checking in on what’s already in the works! If I forgot anything please add in the comments.
As always- we know it’s hard to make it to meetings, but don’t let it stop you from being involved and sharing ideas, big and small!
Have a great rest of the week everyone
ALL ARE INVITED TO JOIN THE "Parents of SSCD Students" Facebook group chat!
Ms. K. recapped the last meeting from the first week of school, and addressed some of the standardized testing coming up plus enrichment and remediation information. If you guys are have any questions regarding any of them you can direct them to her.
Things coming up quick:
Kara Hanley is heading up the Brody’s BBQ fundraiser- its planned so far for a order form due date of October 10th with a delivery/distribution date of October 20th so look for those forms to come home within the coming weeks.
Amanda Lee Overly had done a fantastic job at getting the info the for to-go dinners! I believe we decided to go with Shannon’s Catering and would like to do it for Nov 14th as the day of the dinner (second choice of Nov 6th if that day is already taken up by now) amanda if you could get back in contact with Shannon’s and let us know which date works for them that would be great!!
We will then need to decide on what which dinners to offer, if we want to add desserts ourselves, and get tickets ready to sell. of course we will need volunteers to help with this as well come serving day so if you want to help mark your calendars once we set down a date.
Marrianna dates UPDATE:*CONFIRMED*
Oct. 16: orders due, Oct. 24 noon Deliverey
Dec. 11 orders due, Dec. 19 Noon Delivery
Feb. 12 orders due, Feb. 20 noon delivery
April 15 orders due, April 23 noon delivery
Also Heather is getting information and dates for the Marianna Hoagies. We possibly have a family in place to head up the first sale, Heather will know more within the coming days.
We tentatively would like to do Trunk or Treat on Friday, October 27th from SET UP 5-6, EVENT 6-8pm *CONFIRMED*
If there is anyone interested in organizing that event, reach out please between now and/or at the next meeting.
The Christmas Bazaar planning is coming into full swing- it will be on November 18th. Anyone who would like to volunteer to help please get ahold of Kara Perry Kelly Huey or Tiffany Riggie.
Christmas deorating at school will be Nov. 1th & 17th.
Giving Thanks Breakfast hosted by The Knights of Columbus is Sunday, November 19th 8am-1pm. The Knights raised $2,000 for our school at the last breakfast.
We discussed future events and ideas- some possible fundraisers, the possibility of doing a float in the home for the holidays parade.
If anyone has ideas for these or different things - please gather what info you can, bring it to a meeting or or if you can’t make it get it to someone (myself, another parent, or Heather) or post it on here!
We kind of wrapped up with Heather doing a quick overview of the coming year achool calendar with dates of different school activities, events days off etc…
Our next meeting will be on Wednesday, October 11th at 5:30pm
Thank you everyone


8-25-23 2:30-3:15pm, WOW! What a great turn out for our first meeting and open house! Thank you Kara Hanley for taking the lead on the Brody's BBQ fundraiser.  The golf team is going to work on the thank you/tax letters. Ava's family is going to help us get the first Marrianna's hoagies fundraiser started! Kara Perry offered to help organize the effort for this year's Christmas Bazzar-vendor letters go out in Sept. It is time to start planning trunk or treat and our field trips for the year.



Next meeting: Friday, August 25 2-2:30 pm-Family Open House/Ice Cream Social and 3pm brief introduction meeting in auditorium.

Summary of remediation/enrichment services at SSCD School:

Any child testing 1 grade level BELOW can be considered for REMEDIATION in that subject or multiple subjects. Remediation can consist of classroom accommodations, reading support provided by Title and math support provided by Act 89. Remediation occurs starting mid-year kindergarten-6th grade.

Any child with an IQ of 130 or greater is eligible for enrichment services OR any child scoring 93% or higher in 3 subjects can be tested for enrichment. Enrichment consists of classroom accommodations and reading/math enrichment provided by Act 89 starting in 3rd grade through 6th grade.

We refer and reach out to parents as appropriate.


*Possible* SCHOOL EVENTS FOR 2023-24 SCHOOL YEAR(tentative)


All dates, activities and events are just suggestions, together the possibilities are endless! These are all events/activities that we usually do or have done in the past.


Welcome Back!


  • The biggest event for our school-Lawn Festival
  • DAD DAYs! Dads can earn hours by helping set up the festival!
  • Kiddie Land Coordinator
  • Kiddie Land game worker
  • Kiddie Land prize booth
  • Golf scramble-Sept. 18th!
  • Welcome back decorations/theme for the year.
  • Student welcome back gifts.
  • Teachers/staff welcome back gifts.
  • Organize uniform exchange
  • Scrip/Raise Right App to save for tuition!


  • School Parent meeting date to deteremined
  • Marianna Hoagie fundraiser-ID local businesses to drop order forms
  • Schedule corn hold tournament for October??
  • Prepare and send out fall 50/50 bulk mailing by September 15th
  • Mystery Dinner?
  • Schedule pie sale for Nov delivery? Check prices
  • Plan trunk or treat (outside only, weather permitting)
  • Have raffle baskets ready for October open house (one adult, one child)?
  • Sale-A-Palooza planning-indoor garage sale?
  • Scrip/Raise Right App promotion


  • School parent monthly meeting
  • Open house
  • Scrip/Raised Right App promotion
  • Sale
  • Pie Sale- delivered for Thanksgiving enjoyment
  • Helpers for the Book Fair
  • Fall 50/50?
  • Trunk or Treat
  • After school craft club for Bazaar (k-6 only)
  • Send out letters to Santa’s Workshop vendors for first week of December
  • Scrip/Raise Right App promotion
  • Prepare contact list of businesses to send postcards to encourage them to use our Scrip program for Christmas (mainly offices)?
  • Plan and schedule December dodgeball or nerf tournament for kids only


  • School parent monthly meeting
  • After school craft club for Bazaar, K-6 only
  • Marianna Hoagie fundraiser
  • Plan auction/Sportsman’s Raffle?
  • Decorate for Christmas
  • Christmas Bazaar
  • Scrip/Raise Right App promotion
  • Plan designer bag bingo for spring.
  • Send out postcards or contact businesses about using our Scrip program for Christmas
  • Prepare Christmas cards to our SSCD supporters (list to be compiled)


  • School parent meeting
  • Send out Christmas cards to our SSCD supporters?
  • Plan auction/Sportsman’s Raffle?
  • Scrip/Raise Right App promotion
  • Dodgeball or nerf tournament for kids only (k-6)
  • Plan Designer bag bingo for spring Designer bag bingo planning
  • Sell designer bag bingo tickets for Christmas presents?
  • Check in on uniform exchange organization.
  • Catholic Schools Week planning

Happy New Year! Blessings for 2024!


  • School parent meeting
  • Marianna Hoagie fundraiser
  • Soup Sale?
  • Yearbook Sponsors
  • Take down Christmas decorations
  • Plan for February Open house activities
  • Designer bag bingo planning
  • Apply for liquor license for bag bingo
  • Print designer bag bingo tickets and sell
  • Get Auction/Sportsman’s Raffle games/menu/drawings organized?
  • Scrip/Raise Right App
  • Catholic Schools Week Jan 30-Feb 5


  • School parent meeting
  • Catholic Schools Week Jan 29-Feb 4 Open house date?
  • Soup Sale
  • Schedule Gardner’s Candy fundraiser for Easter delivery
  • Designer bag bingo planning
  • Sell designer bag bingo tickets
  • Print auction tickets to sell?
  • Apply for liquor license for auction?
  • Start planning end of the year picnic ideas
  • Collect and organize auction donations and games

MARCH 2024

  • School Parent meeting
  • Soup Sale
  • Have all auction tickets (50/50, Chinese auction, wristbands, etc) purchased and/or ordered, and game ideas finalized?
  • Prepare and send out Spring 50/50 tickets
  • Sell auction tickets
  • Marianna Hoagie fundraiser
  • Prepare and send out spring 50/50 tickets
  • Send out Gardner’s candy forms
  • Designer bag bingo!
  • Sell spring 50/50 tickets
  • Sell auction tickets
  • End of the year picnic planning

APRIL 2024

  • School parent meeting
  • Sell Spring 50/50
  • Gardner’s Candy fundraiser
  • Finalize end of the year picnic plans
  • After school art club for spring
  • Advertise our School Store

MAY 2024

  • School parent meeting
  • Marianna Hoagie fundraiser
  • Muffins for moms and dads
  • End of the year picnic
  • Spring 50/50 drawing last day of school at noon.



For the first time in a few years, our school is thrilled to welcome our parents back into the building to participate in the school lives of their children. We are accepting nominations for leadership positions for our SSCD School Parent Association. Help lead and organize our school events!

Welcome to the SSCD School Parent Association!

Section 1: What is the SSCD School Parent Organization? Definition:

We are a team of school parents, students, staff and supporters with a goal to raise and meet the yearly assessment to offset the cost of tuition, foster positive relationships amongst families within the church and school organization and create a presence online that encourages and promotes the school.

Section 2: How can I help? Description of Organization Roles:

Parents will have the opportunity to take an active role in the organization with a yearly “election” of specific roles. Meetings will be held monthly (standard scheduling... i.e. Second Tuesday of every month... etc.) ALL parents are welcome to all meetings. Agendas for the meetings will be developed by the group. Agendas will be shared in advance. During the meetings, all stakeholders in the school (parents, legal guardians) can discuss and weigh in on fundraising events, Classroom activities that require parent support, and any additional needs shared by teachers and staff of the school. School leadership is welcome to attend and may propose suggested topics to the committee prior to meetings.

Fundraiser events can be coordinated by any parent, not just designated roles. If a parent is actively interested in pursuing a fundraising event, but does not want a leadership role, and has designated a committee to coordinate that event, he or she may do so (with approval from school leadership). They must provide monthly updates to the Organization and should keep all planning information in a Folder that is house on the Parent Organizations Google Drive.

Co-chairs, Secretary, Treasurer & Classroom Parent(s):

Co-chairs pick dates put together agenda. Secretary takes notes to publish. The treasurer is responsible for managing and maintaining DETAILED records of the transactions that take place in the Parent Organization account. This person should be detail oriented and organized. Tasks include:

    1. Event Bill Payment
    2. Deposits
    3. Managing Financial Reports for all fundraising events
    4. Accurate record keeping
    5. Monthly reports of the financial status
    6. Updates on Fundraising efforts towards yearly assessment.
  • Classroom Parent(s): This role is to be held by parents who are willing to act as a liaison and bring parent concerns/questions to the meetings. They also share out information about all events upcoming and volunteer opportunities to the parents in the class they represent. This parent will also work with the teacher to help coordinate volunteers for class parties, and any additional needs asked of the families for specific classes. Second and Third Grade parent representatives may also support in the needs of Religious Ed Coordinator prior to sacrament receiving. These parents should present any information, events or concerns of specific classes to the committee prior to the monthly meetings and assist in the development of the agenda. Any information that comes from the meetings will then be shared out to each class by this role.

To ensure our school’s success, each family is needed to serve at LEAST 30 volunteer hours to SS Cosmas & Damian School; these hours are divided into two categories.

  1. Category 1: Each family is needed to serve at least 15 of the 30 hours in TWO or more of the following areas:
  2. Annual Lawn Festival
  3. Christmas Bazaar
  • Annual Auction (when offered)
  1. Golf Tournament
  2. Fall or Spring Cash bash (when offered)
  3. Mystery Dinner Theater (when offered)
  • Sportsman’s Raffle (when offered)
  • Designer Bag Bingo (when offered)
  1. Category 2: Each family is needed to serve at least 15 of the 30 hours in THREE or more of the following areas:
  2. Home & School meetings
  3. Classroom parties (as directed by classroom teacher)
  • Children’s activities and events sponsored by home and school
  1. Lunch duty/recess duty/kitchen and/or lunch preparation
  2. Chairing a smaller fundraiser. i.e. Marianna hoagies, Gardner’s candy, pie sales, etc.
  3. Stuffing envelopes for large mailings, selling tickets for events

Communication is the Key! Information is accessible to review and refer back to as they prepare for the next years events:

  1. A Google Drive will be developed for the SSCD Parent Organization. This drive will also include an email address. All parents are welcome to send questions ideas and suggestions to this email. This email will be accessible by the group.
  2. An email list will be generated of all parent emails for easy sharing of information prior to meetings and follow ups after meetings.
  3. Each School Event should have a designated Folder
  4. Designated folders within the drive will be viewable by all parents and will include agendas and updated notes after each meeting.
  5. Event Planning Committees will house all planning information in the drive so that year to year all

YOU decide what is best for our school! Voting and Election Terms:

  1. Elections should be held the last two weeks of school annually. During this time, nominations may be made for all roles. Voting will take place electronically, with a paper option available in the office. On the final day of voting, the paper and digital copies will be cross referenced to ensure that no duplicates were submitted. Once tallied, the school will notify the families of the next years organization coordinators. At the last Parent Organization meeting of the year, the new members will be introduced, and the expectations reviewed. This will allow for collaboration between former parents and new parents prior to the exchange of roles. One parent may NOT hold two roles.
  2. Once a parent takes on the role, he or she will sign an agreement to uphold the School and Parish positive culture & professionalism standards.