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Latest Meeting Notes:

Update to a question received 2-15-23:

Summary of remediation/enrichment services at SSCD School:

Any child testing 1 grade level BELOW can be considered for REMEDIATION in that subject or multiple subjects. Remediation can consist of classroom accommodations, reading support provided by Title and math support provided by Act 89. Remediation occurs starting mid-year kindergarten-6th grade.

Any child with an IQ of 130 or greater is eligible for enrichment services OR any child scoring 93% or higher in 3 subjects can be tested for enrichment. Enrichment consists of classroom accommodations and reading/math enrichment provided by Act 89 starting in 3rd grade through 6th grade.

We refer and reach out to parents as appropriate.


Thank you to our teachers & party/pick-up parents for attending the impromptu meeting Feb. 14th!

(The scheduled Feb 16th parent meeting is canceled)

Next meeting opportunity: Thursday March 2nd 7:45-8:15am

(For the connivence of Dr. Suess Breakfast parents & drop off parents, all are welcome).

Next tentative evening meeting: Wed. March 15th 6pm-please respond if able to attend


Parent meeting notes:

  1. Tentative trips, parties, picnic:

Harmon Field, whole school, picnic, May 16th


1st-Joe’s, Laska’s & weather center

2nd-Joe’s, Farm Day May 12  

3-6th-Shrine Circus April 20th,

6th-Zoo date TBD, 6th grade recognition May 5th, followed by Donuts with Grownups after Mass


  1. May 17th-St. Francis University STEM Day! Parents are invited, schedule to be announced. CASH GIVEAWAY DRAWING…help us name our cash fundraiser: We have called it Spring Cash Giveaway?…Super Summer Cash Giveaway?…Super Summer Celebration Cash Giveaway?...creative parents are asked to name our event!


  1. School academic achievement our students are scoring above other schools in our diocese and our nation on NWEA! Congratulations to our hard-working students, our teachers who are driving instruction and growing outcomes and our parents who are champions of learning, encouragement, homework help and creating a positive school and learning environment in which your kids are THRIVING! Thank you! More Information on NWEA:


  1.  Mrs. H is RETIRING after creating over 30 years of magic in our pre-school! She has been a blessing to every child, parent, and every staff person! (We would love suggestions on planning a celebration!)We are pleased to announce that Mrs. Hollenbaugh is going back to her heart’s desire, the classroom as our preschool aide! The Food Service Director position will be open-school days M-F, 8-12:30 (times are flexible). Creating & serving lunches is a great opportunity for school parents to keep the same schedule as their child(ren), be an active part of their child’s school life and make extra money!  Please share the position with any fun and fabulous foodie parents, grandparents, aunts, etc. They can call me for more details at 814-938-4224.


  1. Purse Bingo: tentative date is April 22 or May 13thAutumn Weaver and Kaeley Haag have offered to help, along with MANY of the moms at the meeting-again, thank you! Next steps: Maryl is checking Dan’s availability for MC-ing the event on April 22nd. If he isn’t able, we will look at our second choice of May 13thWe need: date to print tickets, 12 bags for regular bingo+ 3 bags for specials, items for Chinese auction, pull tickets and 50/50 tickets, decorations (for theme), charcuterie tables, BYOB (special event License)


  1. Sportsman’s Raffle: Parents are asked to donate items or money to put together auction items/baskets for the event. School families can help by purchasing or selling 2 tickets per family. We hope to see you there for great food, fun and prizes to celebrate the great outdoors!


Couldn’t attend the meeting? Call or email me with any questions or suggestions!

Thanks for all you do, Ms. K


Welcome to the SSCD School 2022-23 Year!

Thank you for choosing private, faith-based education for your child!

Let’s work together and plan for our BEST school year yet!





All dates, activities and events are just suggestions, together the possibilities are endless! These are all events/activities that we usually do or have done in the past.


Welcome Back!


  • The biggest event for our school-Lawn Festival
  • DAD DAYs! Dads can earn hours by helping set up the festival!
  • Kiddie Land Coordinator
  • Kiddie Land game worker
  • Kiddie Land prize booth
  • Welcome back decorations/theme for the year.
  • Student welcome back gifts.
  • Teachers/staff welcome back gifts.
  • Organize uniform exchange
  • Scrip/Raise Right App to save for tuition!


  • School Parent meeting preschool classroom
  • Golf scramble-Sept. 18th!
  • Marianna Hoagie fundraiser-ID local businesses to drop order forms
  • Schedule corn hold tournament for October??
  • Prepare and send out fall 50/50 bulk mailing by September 15th
  • Mystery Dinner?
  • Schedule pie sale for Nov delivery? Check prices
  • Plan trunk or treat (outside only, weather permitting)
  • Have raffle baskets ready for October open house (one adult, one child)?
  • Sale-A-Palooza planning-indoor garage sale?
  • Scrip/Raise Right App promotion


  • School parent meeting-kindergarten classroom
  • Open house
  • Scrip/Raised Right App promotion
  • Sale-A-Palooza?
  • Pie Sale- delivered for Thanksgiving enjoyment
  • Helpers for the Book Fair
  • Possible Corn Hole tournament with music, food trucks, and 50/50?
  • Trunk or Treat
  • After school craft club for Bazaar (k-6 only)
  • Send out letters to Santa’s Workshop vendors for first week of December
  • Scrip/Raise Right App promotion
  • Prepare contact list of businesses to send postcards to encourage them to use our Scrip program for Christmas (mainly offices)?
  • Plan and schedule December dodgeball or nerf tournament for kids only


  • School parent meeting-1st grade classroom
  • After school craft club for Bazaar, K-6 only
  • Marianna Hoagie fundraiser
  • Plan auction/Sportsman’s Raffle?
  • Decorate for Christmas
  • Christmas Bazaar
  • Scrip/Raise Right App promotion
  • Plan designer bag bingo for spring.
  • Send out postcards or contact businesses about using our Scrip program for Christmas
  • Prepare Christmas cards to our SSCD supporters (list to be compiled)


  • School parent meeting-2nd grade classroom
  • Send out Christmas cards to our SSCD supporters?
  • Plan auction/Sportsman’s Raffle?
  • Scrip/Raise Right App promotion
  • Dodgeball or nerf tournament for kids only (k-6)
  • Plan Designer bag bingo for spring Designer bag bingo planning
  • Sell designer bag bingo tickets for Christmas presents?
  • Check in on uniform exchange organization.
  • Catholic Schools Week planning

Happy New Year! Blessings for 2023!


  • School parent meeting-3rd grade classroom
  • Marianna Hoagie fundraiser
  • Soup Sale?
  • Yearbook Sponsors
  • Take down Christmas decorations
  • Plan for February Open house activities
  • Designer bag bingo planning
  • Apply for liquor license for bag bingo
  • Print designer bag bingo tickets and sell
  • Get Auction/Sportsman’s Raffle games/menu/drawings organized?
  • Scrip/Raise Right App
  • Catholic Schools Week Jan 30-Feb 5


  • School parent meeting-4th grade classroom
  • Catholic Schools Week Jan 29-Feb 4 Open house date?
  • Soup Sale
  • Schedule Gardner’s Candy fundraiser for Easter delivery
  • Designer bag bingo planning
  • Sell designer bag bingo tickets
  • Print auction tickets to sell?
  • Apply for liquor license for auction?
  • Start planning end of the year picnic ideas
  • Collect and organize auction donations and games

MARCH 2023

  • School Parent meeting-5th grade classroom
  • Soup Sale
  • Have all auction tickets (50/50, Chinese auction, wristbands, etc) purchased and/or ordered, and game ideas finalized?
  • Prepare and send out Spring 50/50 tickets
  • Sell auction tickets
  • Marianna Hoagie fundraiser
  • Prepare and send out spring 50/50 tickets
  • Send out Gardner’s candy forms
  • Designer bag bingo!
  • Sell spring 50/50 tickets
  • Sell auction tickets
  • End of the year picnic planning

APRIL 2023

  • School parent meeting-6th grade classroom
  • Sell Spring 50/50
  • Gardner’s Candy fundraiser
  • Finalize end of the year picnic plans
  • After school art club for spring
  • Advertise our School Store

MAY 2023

  • School parent meeting-library
  • Marianna Hoagie fundraiser
  • Muffins for moms and dads
  • Auction?
  • End of the year picnic
  • Spring 50/50 drawing last day of school at noon.



For the first time in a few years, our school is thrilled to welcome our parents back into the building to participate in the school lives of their children. We are accepting nominations for leadership positions for our SSCD School Parent Association. Help lead and organize our school events!

Welcome to the SSCD School Parent Association!

Section 1: What is the SSCD School Parent Organization? Definition:

We are a team of school parents, students, staff and supporters with a goal to raise and meet the yearly assessment to offset the cost of tuition, foster positive relationships amongst families within the church and school organization and create a presence online that encourages and promotes the school.

Section 2: How can I help? Description of Organization Roles:

Parents will have the opportunity to take an active role in the organization with a yearly “election” of specific roles including: Lead Facilitator, Researcher, Social Promoter, Record Keeper, Treasurer, and Class Representative. (Descriptions to be found in Section 2 of this article). Election votes will be collected and submitted to the Church office for review and counting by 2-3 staff of the school/church. Once selections have been made, those will then be forwarded to the school Office to share with the families.

Meetings will be held monthly (standard scheduling... i.e. Second Tuesday of every month... etc.) ALL parents are welcome to all meetings. Agendas for the meetings will be developed by Lead Facilitator and above-mentioned roles. Agendas will be shared in advance (minimum of 24 hours prior to the meeting) to each family via the Class Representative. During the meetings, all stakeholders in the school (parents, legal guardians) can discuss and weigh in on fundraising events, Classroom activities that require parent support, and any additional needs shared by teachers and staff of the school. School leadership is welcome to attend and may propose suggested topics to the committee prior to meetings.

Fundraiser events can be coordinated by any parent, not just designated roles. If a parent is actively interested in pursuing a fundraising event, but does not want a leadership role, and has designated a committee to coordinate that event, he or she may do so (with approval from school leadership). They must provide monthly updates to the Organization and should keep all planning information in a Folder that is house on the Parent Organizations Google Drive.

  1. Lead Facilitator: This role would coordinate and organize the scheduling of monthly meetings, develop an agenda with the input of all committee members, maintain positive relationships with all parents of the school, and ensure the meetings stay on track/task. This role can also be considered a resource whenever committees for events are developed to assist in planning of any fundraiser. This person manages and houses the Parent Organization School Drive and grants access to various roles to the drive. Whenever this role changes, the incoming Lead Facilitator then takes over the managing of documents and information online.
  2. Researcher: Any follow-up questions that arise from the meetings or agendas, would be sought out by this role. This parent should be self-sufficient and capable of reaching out to businesses, staff/faculty and other parents to find and solve problems that may come to light during the planning of events, meetings, etc. All resolutions should be sent to the lead facilitator and Record Keeper to update all agendas and running documents for solutions.
  3. Social Promoter: This role should be taken on by a parent who is technology savvy, capable of presenting and representing the school in a positive manor on social media platforms, and responsible for creating online events, updates, and advertisement for fundraiser. This person may work with a team of parent to support in this task. This role is the primary parent with access to the School’s Facebook page and social media accounts.
  4. Record Keeper: This person keeps detailed records of all meetings, questions, and responses. During the meeting, this parent will update the agenda and track all questions, solutions and discussions that take place. All records of meetings and events will be housed in one Google Drive that committee members will be given access to. This role is also responsible for ensuring that any committees planning fundraisers have updated notes in the drive.
  5. Treasurer: The treasurer is responsible for managing and maintaining DETAILED records of the transactions that take place in the Parent Organization account. This person should be detail oriented and organized. Tasks include:
    1. Event Bill Payment
    2. Deposits
    3. Managing Financial Reports for all fundraising events
    4. Accurate record keeping
    5. Monthly reports of the financial status
    6. Updates on Fundraising efforts towards yearly assessment.
  6. Classroom Representative: This role is to be held by parents who are willing to act as a liaison and bring parent concerns/questions to the meetings. They also share out information about all events upcoming and volunteer opportunities to the parents in the class they represent. This parent will also work with the teacher to help coordinate volunteers for class parties, and any additional needs asked of the families for specific classes. Second and Third Grade parent representatives may also support in the needs of Religious Ed Coordinator prior to sacrament receiving. These parents should present any information, events or concerns of specific classes to the committee prior to the monthly meetings and assist in the development of the agenda. Any information that comes from the meetings will then be shared out to each class by this role.

To ensure our school’s success, each family is needed to serve at LEAST 30 volunteer hours to SS Cosmas & Damian School; these hours are divided into two categories.

  1. Category 1: Each family is needed to serve at least 15 of the 30 hours in TWO or more of the following areas:
  2. Annual Lawn Festival
  3. Christmas Bazaar
  • Annual Auction (when offered)
  1. Golf Tournament
  2. Fall or Spring Cash bash (when offered)
  3. Mystery Dinner Theater (when offered)
  • Sportsman’s Raffle (when offered)
  • Designer Bag Bingo (when offered)
  1. Category 2: Each family is needed to serve at least 15 of the 30 hours in THREE or more of the following areas:
  2. Home & School meetings
  3. Classroom parties (as directed by classroom teacher)
  • Children’s activities and events sponsored by home and school
  1. Lunch duty/recess duty/kitchen and/or lunch preparation
  2. Chairing a smaller fundraiser. i.e. Marianna hoagies, Gardner’s candy, pie sales, etc.
  3. Stuffing envelopes for large mailings, selling tickets for events

Section 3: Communication is the Key! Information is accessible to review and refer back to as they prepare for the next years events:

  1. A Google Drive will be developed for the SSCD Parent Organization. This drive will also include an email address. All parents are welcome to send questions ideas and suggestions to this email. This email will be accessible by the Lead Facilitator and Social Promoter.
  2. An email list will be generated of all parent emails for easy sharing of information prior to meetings and follow ups after meetings.
  3. Each School Event should have a designated Folder
  4. Lead Facilitator and Social Promoter will have access to all folders.
  5. Designated folders within the drive will be viewable by all parents and will include agendas and updated notes after each meeting.
  6. Event Planning Committees will house all planning information in the drive so that year to year all

Section 4: YOU decide what is best for our school! Voting and Election Terms:

  1. Elections should be held the last two weeks of school annually. During this time, nominations may be made for all roles. Voting will take place electronically, with a paper option available in the office. On the final day of voting, the paper and digital copies will be cross referenced to ensure that no duplicates were submitted. Once tallied, the school will notify the families of the next years organization coordinators. At the last Parent Organization meeting of the year, the new members will be introduced, and the expectations reviewed. This will allow for collaboration between former parents and new parents prior to the exchange of roles. One parent may NOT hold two roles.
  2. Once a parent takes on the role, he or she will sign an agreement to uphold the School and Parish professionalism standards. A parent may be dismissed from a role for not maintaining/promoting a positive school culture through use of behaviors/actions/spoken or written words as determined by the parent group/administrator/pastor. In the event of a parent dismissal, a special election can be held to fill that role at any point in the school year.