Unpaid Meal Charge Policy



Students require adequate, nourishing food and beverages in order to grow, learn and maintain good health. SS. Cosmas & Damian School (hereafter referred to SSCD) provides the opportunity for your child to get lunch each day there is school.

Your child may carry a packed lunch to school and purchase milk, or he/she may purchase his/her lunch or milk daily. Students must eat their lunches in the cafeteria during their designated lunch time. Student meals are restricted to packed lunches brought from home or meals purchased from the cafeteria. Deliveries of food to the school without the principal or her designee authorizing such deliveries are strictly prohibited. No vendor or salesperson is permitted to sell or deliver any merchandise or food to students during the regularly scheduled school day without prior written permission of the principal. 

SSCD uses a computerized system to record all monies received and meals purchased. You can monitor your child’s lunch balance through the Teacher Ease website. Account balances are available at all times. Parents who are not able to access their child’s account on Teacher-Ease may request a printout of their child’s food service account by contacting the school office.

The price for lunch is established at the beginning of each school year and is published in the Student Handbook as well as with the lunch menu; it is also available on Teacher Ease If during the school year your family’s financial status changes, the Free and Reduced School Lunch Application should be completed and submitted to update your child’s eligibility for free and reduced rates.

All deposits to your child’s lunch account are made by placing cash or checks payable to “SSCD School Lunch Program” into an envelope. To ensure the money is deposited into your child’s account, mark the envelope with the student’s name and grade. There will be no money handled during the school lunch period so that lines will move smoothly. Students are to turn in their envelopes to their teachers when collected. The teacher will see that the envelopes get to the school office. The money that is deposited into your child’s account will be used to pay for meals only.

If students do not have sufficient funds in their food service account they will be allowed to charge up to a maximum of $10.00 for meals only. ALL charges on a student’s account must be paid in full. The school office will send out a low funds notification to parents when the student is getting close to exceeding the limit in their account. Initial letters will go home with students; if the balance remains in arrears subsequent letters will be mailed. We encourage parents to treat their cafeteria account like a bank account, being aware of each transaction and its effect on their account balance.

Account balances from the preceding school year carry forward to the next school year. Therefore, the ending balance in your account at the end of one school year will be your beginning balance the following year.


All questions and concerns regarding the food service program may be directed to the school office.